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Huckleberry Creekside Marshmallows

Huckleberry Creekside Marshmallows

 Creekside Mallow Co. was born out of a search for a better Marshmallow, a less commercialized craft-style mallow to complete the perfect S’more. Batch after batch was created until each recipe was just perfect. One taste and you’ll understand that a marshmallow can be more than you imagine.


Huckleberry: This sweet little berry packs a lot of unique taste! In our huckleberry mallows, we use a natural huckleberry flavoring and, in addition to that, we stir in a bit of actual huckleberry preserve to give them a “just picked off the bush” flavor all wrapped up in a fluffy mallow! This is an excellent choice to send someone to give them a taste of Idaho or just enjoy yourself because really, it is awesome to live in a state that produces such wonderful taste!

Contains: Sugar, Water, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, and Natural Flavors


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