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Meadowland Simple Syrups

Meadowland Simple Syrups

This Oregon-made, handcrafted simple syrup will be a delightful addition to your summertime cocktails and desserts! • Retail size: 236 ml (8 FL. OZ) of magical goodness!

Hummingbird: This blend was inspired by spring days spent lounging in the garden among wild roses, watching hummingbirds flit about.
• Tasting Notes: soft rose, new love, morning sun, bright raspberries, child-like wonder
• Ingredients: water, pure cane sugar, Oregon raspberries, pink rose, cream of tartar - Non-GMO, no artificial colors

Pink Lady: Made with beautiful ripe peaches and fresh thyme.
• Tasting Notes: summer sun, garden strolls, fluttery butterflies on the breeze
• Ingredients: pure cane sugar, water, peaches, fresh thyme, cream of tartar - Non-GMO, no artificial colors

High Desert: Made with sage, juniper and rosemary
• Tasting Notes: sun-drenched earth, evening air, western juniper, sagebrush.
• Ingredients: pure cane sugar, sage tea, juniper, rosemary and cream of tartar

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