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Vanissa French Edible Flowers

Vanissa French Edible Flowers

These assortments are made to improve your salads, dress up your cheese plates, enhance your desserts... in a nutshell, make you a master of the crucial step that is the setting of a plate.

This explosion of colors does come with a taste: in vinaigrette or cocktail, its fresh, hay-like taste and its hint of bitterness will delight you.

Aurore is composed of sunflower, rose and cornflower petals, as if the darkness of the night was meeting with the first lights of dawn. 

Crépuscule is a selection of bright orange sunflower and yellow marigolds, complimented by red notes of safflower. A flamboyant selection with a summer sunset feel. 

Nuit Étoilée is like a sky that you took time to contemplate. In this blue immensity, white, pink and mauve notes transport us into a freezing, majestic universe.

Boréale is a perfect union both in taste and appearance, symbolized by interlacing ancient rose petals and whole mallow flowers .While Boreale can be used independently in sweet or savory, it is in cocktails that it will flourish best. As the fragrance of the rose gently infuses your beverages, the deep color of the mallow will gradually spread, giving your creations a touch of power.

Accord du Moment consists of intense red Rose petals, pale Rose petals, and Jasmine petals. Olfactory and taste-wise, it is a powerful harmony, as it combines two of the most emblematic floral varieties, both in exotic cuisine and French perfumeryThis composition is particularly suitable for pastry, cocktails, and infusions.

10 g glass jar. Keep them in a dry and cool place, away from light. Dried flower petals do not expire, but we recommend using them within 24 months to keep all the intensity of its flavors.

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